Michael Musillami - guitar
Randy Brecker - trumpet and flugelhorn
Thomas Chapin - alto saxophone and flute
Kent Hewitt - piano
Ray Drummond - bass
Steve Johns - drums
1. Glass Art
2. Shoeshine
3. Mar's Bars
4. Out Of Balance
5. Cousin Jim
6. The Haberdasher Blues
7. I Wait For The Summertime
8. Grey Cypress
Mar's Bars
Michael Musillami featuring Thomas Chapin
The second of three early 90's collections of guitarist/composer Michael Musillami's original compositions for larger all-star combos, all featuring the late Thomas Chapin.

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The expansion to a sextet adds shadings to Musillami’s writing. Brecker can run the voodoo down or play sweet. These tracks feature arrangements that have the feel they could have been written for a much larger band. Besides the tight ensemble sound, solos are taken with economy, keeping them interesting.
 — Mark Corroto, AllAboutJazz.com

Pat Metheny, John Scofield, and Charlie Hunter may garner the bulk of the media's attention, but straight-ahead player Michael Musillami has been busy working in the trenches. And it's paid off. When considered relative to other recent guitar records, what distinguishes this disc is the usually high caliber of the ensemble playing. And no two ways about it, Musillami is definitely a guitarist to watch.
 — AllAboutJazz

'Cousin Jim' also finds Musillami reaching new heights of originality and surprise. The theme, lyrical and yet staggeringly complex, is undoubtedly some of Musillami's finest writing to date…the album represents a big creative step forward for Michael Musillami.
 — All Music Guide