Michael Musillami - guitar
Peter Madsen - piano
1. Part Pitbull
2. Swagger
3. Cush
4. Fragile Forms
5. Kinship
6. Zaragoza
7. Braids
8. Mr. Tiara
9. Circus Arts
10. Restaurant People
11. Heroes
Part Pitbull
Michael Musillami (with Peter Madsen)
"Guitarist Michael Musillami and pianist Peter Madsen have worked together in a wide variety of settings," wrote All Music Guide reviewer David R. Adler, "here they highlight their electrifying rapport as a duo." The two first collaborated in the Pavone/Musillami Quartet on the swinging Motion Poetry, and take this opportunity to come together in a more stripped-down atmosphere to explore the more experimental side of improvisation.


From the opening track 'Part Pitbull', it’s apparent that both participants are accomplished musicians with considerable technical and musical abilities. While Musillami uses a clean tone similar to that of many jazz guitarists, in general, his vocabulary...is vastly different from that of the average jazzer.
— Jim Ferguson, JazzTimes

While Musillami and Madsen have impeccable contemporary credentials, and play their share of slower tempo pieces among the 11 here, they're aiming for something deeper with this recital. Both men know musical history and have technique to spare, but they don't batter your ears with it; they have fun with it. Especially impressive is the guitarist, who operates with a bright, in-your-face tone.
— JazzReview.com